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The weather has improved, it is now around 5 C and the sun is out. I am happy about that.

I did not do much during the weekend. I just could not pull myself together in order to go to the city or something so I stayed in and watched TV/played Transport Tycoon and Alpha Centauri on my laptop. Despite their old age and many flaws, these two games are among my favourites. I really cannot get enough of them. I promised to myself that I will go out the next weekend.

In other news, I ran out of food at home and had to resort to walking to the nearest McDonald’s to bring back something to eat yesterday. Have I already mentioned that all the shops (including supermarkets) are completely closed on Sundays? I guess I have to just stock up for next Sundays.

The obligatory note on Iraq: I am baffled and stunned at how much can be talked about the exact same thing over and over again. If I hear the words “second resolution” somewhere once more, I … It is not like the situation has chamged very much, it goes on and on with the same things. Do something, I say, it is getting boring. My attention span is limited and if nothing exciting does not happen soon on that front I might begin to lose interest. It is probably me just having an overload of news after having watched CNN and BBC World during the weekend. There was a quite interesting profile of Carla Del Ponte, the chief prosecutor at the International Tribunals of Rwanda and Yugoslavia on BBC World.

Tomorrow I will go to see the Gangs of New York, because it is Super Kino Dienstag (cheaper tickets) at the Grindel cinema. I hope it will be a great. There are also many other nice films coming up this and next week which I am determined to see, such as About Schmidt.

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