CIUE no more?

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I have just heard that the university I study in, Concordia International University Estonia is negotiating for the shares of the company who owns the university to be sold to the Tallinn Pedagogical University. I really love my school and would not want to it to end up merging or becoming a part of the behemoth that the TPU is. I truly hope that there will actually be no other changes than the fact that there could be some investment and help to pay off the tax debt the univesrity has accumulated. I did know that Concordia was struggling financially, but believed that a way out could be found. This is, probably, a way out, but I have no idea what is the outcome of it for me and for my school.

The worst thing is that I am here in Germany and will not return before the beginning of May, so I cannot find out more about it than the short notices on the website and the online editions of Estonian newspapers. I need more information and soon.

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