Eurovision is dead, to be replaced by … ?

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The Eurovision song contest, which I somewhat enjoyed a few years ago (esp. the day when Estonia won as it marks another important date in my life), is now officially dead for me. Looking back, I do not really know why I liked it, perhaps for my perception European nature of it. The 50th anniversary show of the Song Contest is on at the moment (from Finnish TV) and it is sad to see how it declines.

Perhaps at some point in its history it was really a television event to remember and also to have some high ideals. But the idea seems totally irrelevant now. Europe is more integrated than ever and Eurovision does more to create friction and deepen fears and distrust of other European countries. There were bright moments, celebrations of tolerance and unity. But these days are long gone. So after 50 years, it is time to call it a day and close up shop.

What we really need is a pan-European TV show (or channel), which would be truly borderless. A song contest such as the Eurovision song contest could be held on the basis of talents from all over Europe, not based on a country and voting would also take place not on country basis but at the same time and using the same system all over Europe. Without strong transboundary culture, the economics and politics of EU will remain scattered and not harnessed to their potential. It is a sad state of affairs if Eurovision will be the closest thing we have.

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