Still waiting…

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So, I wanted to buy a new 2,2GHz MacBook Pro from the Estonian Apple IMC . Here is the timeline of events:

5 June – New MacBook Pros are announced by Apple. They have a LED-backlit screen, which makes them more appealing due to lower energy requirements and better brightness.
11 June – Placed a query through the website asking when they will arrive in Estonia,
11 June – Reply telling me they let me know when it arrives, but they do not know yet themselves,
7 July – My previous iBook G4 was stolen in Berlin, need for a new laptop escalated,
9 July – Asked the shop if there was any news about the laptop, they replied they would let me know when it becomes available,
13 July – Asked again, was told that I am on the waiting list and there is nothing more they can do,
30 July – Called them, they told me that limited stock might come next Monday.

I know it is summer and all, but this is quite ridiculous already. I am tired of using Windows.

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