Russian parliamentary elections were not fair

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According to Council of Europe press release, the Russian Duma elections were “not held on a level playing field”.

In particular, the following major areas raised concern:

  • The merging of the state and a political party is an abuse of power and a clear violation of international commitments and standards.
  • The media showed strong bias in favour of President Putin and the ruling United Russia party.
  • The new election code makes it extremely difficult for new and smaller parties to develop and compete effectively.
  • There were widespread reports of harassment of opposition parties.
  • Personally, I think the elections finally showed to the general public what many in Western Europe refused to believe: that Russia is not in the path of stabilisation and democracy, but going further from it. It is stupid to think that authoritarian rule can somehow guarantee stability or peace: the only way to achieve this is through democratisation.

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