Songs with MJ samples

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Recently, there has been a number of MJ-related samples floating around. The most popular is, of course, Don’t Stop The Music by Rihanna, but there are also others:

I personally like D.A.N.C.E by Justice, which does not strictly use any MJ tunes, but it clearly a tribute to him:

I also like Kanye West’s A Good Life, which samples P.Y.T:’s Fantastic makes excellent use of I Want You Back riffs as well:

I think any and all of these songs are quite a bit better than the remixes attached to Thriller 25.

The best recent tribute to MJ has been in the form of an underground mixtape by Rhymefest, which includes genious mixes of MJ’s songs as well as humorous outtakes from interviews making it something that a recent MJ record has never been: light, funny and relaxed. Download Rhymefest’s Man In The Mirror MJ dedication album now. It’s free.

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