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So I have been in Hamburg now for a while. The flight was pretty eventless, took 1h 45 mins (less time than to Tartu). In addition to some meetings and receptions, I have had some time to do some shopping as well as getting to know Hamburg again. I really like the city and the people. It is strange to look at a street and suddenly remember when you were there five years earlier. It is nice to get away from the worklife, although having a computer with me does not let me be completely relaxed.

The hotel is really great, it has four stars and singing cleaningladys. The room is nice and I even have a bath. The windows face another building, though. Internet is not for free (but not so expensive either) and there is gym and sauna, where I am headed after I finish writing this post.

Yesterday evening I saw No Country For Old Men at the Abaton Kino and it was superb. This evening I went to a reception at the magnigicent Town Hall of Hamburg.

Tomorrow and Saturday should be full working days. I’ll be back in Tallinn again on Monday.

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