John McCain does not know how to use a computer

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So in 2008, the age of Googling, social networking and the emergence of more Web based services, the Republican party has nominated as its candidate for the President of the United States of America a person who does not know how to use a computer. He could not get hired in any other high-profile job without computer skills (except politics), but he will be able to run for president. And the majority of the Republican party think this is a good idea?

Compare this with Barack Obama, who not only knows how to use computers, but who’s campaign was built and sustained largely thanks to the volunteer support and donations, which were coordinated effectively using internet-based social networking tools. Obama early on embraced Silicon Valley. His proposals are good as well: he wants to protect the open nature of the internet, provide more access to government online and help the US to bring about technological achievements that are much more common in Europe (3G+ mobile, true Broadband, etc). 

P.S. As an Estonian I found funny that last Colbert Report made fun of Estonia as a technologically backward place, whereas I am enjoying 10M internet connection + Digital Television for 20 euros / 30 dollars per month.

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