Joschka Fischer offers a realistic view of EU-Russia relations

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In an article in the Guardian, former German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer offers a rather insightful analysis of the realities of a new Russia – EU relationship. He suggests the EU to take specific steps to counter Russia’s power politics:

This requires several measures:

  • A new political dynamism vis-à-vis Turkey to link this country, one crucial for European security, permanently to Europe;
  • Putting a stop to Moscow’s divide-and-conquer politics by adopting a common EU energy policy;
  • Serious initiative for strengthening Europe’s defence capabilities;
  • A greater EU commitment to Ukraine to safeguard its independence;
  • A greater freedom of travel for all the EU’s Eastern neighbours.

I do not think any of these suggestions are especially difficult to agree upon in the EU, so the initiative should start now.

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