On the Jacksons

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I just finished reading J. Randy Tarraborrelli’s book Michael Jackson: The Magic and the Madness. The book is an interesting perspective especially to the earlier life of Michael Jackson and the Jacksons, the bits from 90ties onwards seem to be not so detailed and less based on first-hand accounts. The book paints a picture of the Jacksons as ultimately as naive and damaged individuals, who are at the same time good-natured and very family-oriented. This was confirmed by the documentary The Jacksons are coming, which detailed an ill-fated attempt to move the Jacksons to Devon in the UK this summer. A few of them ended up going there, but sadly, but predictably it ended pretty quickly. Michael and Janet did not obviously show up.

Watch the trailer of the Jacksons are coming and clips The Cash You Save, Baby Sister.

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