There’s an Estonian in every Apple Store

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So, I am buying Apple’s new earphones from Apple Store in Green Hills, Nashville, and had this conversation with the salesperson:

Me: “I’ll have these”

Salesperson: “Do you pay with credit card?”

Me: “Yes” Hand over my Hansapank MasterCard Gold

Salesperson works with the machine, it shuts down, gets a new battery, asks my e-mail address, I give it to her.

Salesperson: “What’s your Zip-code”

Me: “I don’t live in the US”

Salesperson: “Oh, where are you from?”

Me: “Estonia, it is in Europe”

Salesperson: “Are you with these guys there, they are also from Estonia?”

And there was a couple from Estonia in the Apple Store in Green Hills mall in Nashville jsut before closing time buying a MacBook. We had a brief exchange, I told I was here for to visit Vanderbilt and they said they were just visiting as well. So, you can really meet Estonians everywhere in the world…

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