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Bill Maher’s brilliant new film Religulous is coming soon. Will it be the God Delusion of documentary films?

It look promising, looking at the trailers. Visit disbeliefnet as well.

Human Rights Week at International University Audentes

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The Human Rights Centre at International University Audentes is having a Human Rights Week. More info from

High School Musical 2

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High School Musical 2 is brilliant. I do not know if it is better than the first, but they have achieved to do something equally great, but at the same time also different. I love most of the songs, especially Bet On It, You Are The Music In Me, What Time Is It? and Work This Out.

Can’t wait for the DVD.

Films I want to see

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I never thought I would say this, but I really want to see some Estonian films. Most of all, of course, Kadri Kõusaar’s Magnus, which is competing in Cannes, but also Ilmar Raag’s Klass, Andres Maimik / Rain Tolk’s Jan Uuspõld läheb Tartusse and Dirk Hoyer’s Võõras.

Hell must have frozen over.

I rarely weep when watching movies…

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… but this one made me do it. I did not expect it from this film. I now want desperately to see Klass.

I have seen great films lately

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I have been negligent with blogging. The end of the year is always a hectic time for me as there are many family events taking place so I do not get a lot of free time. This duty of celebrating is hard to handle at times.

I have tried to relax and have mostly seen a lot of great films. I still consider the best film I have seen lately to be El Laberinto del Fauno which I saw at PÖFF. Volver was great (much better on second viewing), I also liked Mar Adentro. It seems that Spanish films rule these days. I am happy that I finally saw the Fountain as well, although I probably need to see it once more. Little Miss Sunshine was not as interesting as I expected, but still quite funny at times. Not as heartwarming and sweet as Shortbus, though.

The most important film that I have seen recently is An Inconvenient Truth. I quote legendary film critic Roger Ebert: “In 39 years, I have never written these words in a movie review, but here they are: You owe it to yourself to see this film. If you do not, and you have grandchildren, you should explain to them why you decided not to.”

There is one film that I cannot help watching again and again as it is entertainment at its purest. It is a bit cheesy, it is a made-for-TV movie, it is about teenagers, but I love it. High School Musical is brilliant in terms of providing escapism at its simplest.

I have grown tired of clichéd films and I am so happy that there are so many different kind of films to enjoy.

Update (1 Jan 2007): I also recommend Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit the Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan and Scoop.

A great film

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I have only seen one film at this year’s Black Nights Film Festival in Tallinn and will see another on Thursday, but I already doubt anything can top it. On Sunday I sacrificed the final of the Estonian version of Dancing with the Stars / Strictly Come Dancing to see a film that I did not have too high expectations about. But that film surprised and moved me more than any film I have seen before.

Imagine a film which is partly grim war-movie with horrible scenes of violence intermixed with a sort of dark version of Alice in Wonderland. And then introduce a haunting, imaginative visual style and more. And think it was in Spanish.

The bad sound and picture at the makeshift cinema at No99 theatre did not matter, the film was so touching, moving and extraordinarily well made, that it has left a lasting impression for me. Go and see Guillermo del Toro’s fantastic masterpiece El Laberinto del Fauno (Pan’s Labyrinth).


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Went to see Borat last week. I have not laughed so hard for a long time. I think Sacha Baron Cohen is brilliant. He has done an Ali G movie, now he did a Borat one, is Bruno next?

I liked the film, especially when it turns on the viewers at one particular point and basically tries to get their reaction to a particular scene (you now which one if you have seen the movie). I was pretty shocked. Anyway, go and see it.

Films update

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I have seen some new films lately:

Ella Enchanted is a nice light fairy-tale, with some unexpected twists and turns that make the story enjoyable. I especially like the CGI backgrounds.

Gandhi is an intriguing and encompassing film. Ben Kingsley makes a great performance.

The Prince and Me is quite mediocre, but at least the basic idea is interesting.

I have a pile of films a want to see, but I keep nodding to sleep during the film.

Gangs of New York

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Went to see Gangs of New York yesterday evening. It was really a good movie and I was postively surprised. The other thing that surprised me was the amount of blood shed and gruesome scenes which followed one another. It really painted a horrific picture of what New York used to be (or is still in some neighbourhoods?). The person I went to see the movie with did not enjoy the film because her tolerance of the graphic and realistic violence was not as good as mine and she had to look away from the screen for quite many scenes.

I thought the violence actually added to how realistic the movie looked. During the whole 3 hours of the film (for which they charged extra € 1 in the cinema) it really felt that this was the way it was then. In my opinion this is what makes a film great. It was credible, it was believable, it was brilliant.