Daily rant no ???

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I am feeling a bit ill today. It is quite cold here, otherwise everything is OK.

I give you an overview of my usual day: My days are quite similar: I wake up at 7.30 (horribly early), arrive at work at 9 or 9.30. We go to eat in the MENSA around 12, then be at work until 5. Sometimes I go to the city after work, if not I will arrive home around 6 – 7, then eat something (or eat somewhere before I go home) and then watch TV until I go to sleep at 11 – 12.

I now understand what it feels like to have a 9 to 5 job. I feel sorry for the people who have it and hope I do not ever need to do this. Fortunately there is very little stress or pressure here, so I am free to do what I want when I want. It is not like I have somewhere else to go. Especially now, when I still am not connected to the internet at home.

About Iraq: I find that the whole situation is turning out to be like a never-ending soap opera. There are dramatic turns of events: audio messages from bin Laden, videos from Powell, interview with Hussein (which i still have not seen). Then there are the demonstrations, the Franco-Russo-German stance and conflict with the US. And every kind of organisations are involved: the UN, NATO, the EU.

Our Estonian Prime Minister states something along the lines that we do not really care what is happening and it is too overwhelming for us so, to be on the safe side, will side with the US. This is the worst possible reasoning in my opinion, although it does seem to reflect how the situation actually is. Estonia is then like one of the companions of the schoolyard bully, who has no mind of their own and only follows the bully because it provides him security. And this sucks.

Enough ranting.

No internet, no updates

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The actual reason why I have not been writing into the blog for a while is because I do not have an internet connection at home and I do not feel like blogging during work. I have kept a diary of sorts at home, in the laptop so whenever I get online there I can post all my unpublished ramblings about Hamburg and life here. Next weekend I will be in Berlin so I probably cannot update the blog from there as well, except if I bother to go to an internet-cafe. I do have a TV now, which has CNN, BBC World and MTV (where fortunately they don’t do the German voiceovers, but have small and undisturbing subtitles). So I can follow the Iraq situation unfolding.

So, here we go..

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I have started work now. Have to search the Internet to compile a database of sorts. Nothing really inspiring.

Waiting to get an internet connection at home so I could start doing more stuff online. Also trying to find out if I could rent a TV.

Otherwise, everything is going very well.


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In Hamburg.

So far so good. Everything is looking very good right now although I have been here only for a little while. The flight was OK, although it left and arrived a little late.

Another thing is that everything here is in German. I hope I can manage with my very very very basic knowledge of the German language.