RIP Michael Jackson

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Michael Jackson will always be the King of Pop.

This Is It rehearsals

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Exclusive video : This Is It Tour – Rehearsals & Auditions (Michael Jackson & his dancers)

It seems that it is really going to happen. I will be going to see the concert on 30 July.

The Time Has Come

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It is now I see and feel that calling once again,

To be a part of a Music that will not just connect but,

Make all feel One, One in Joy, One in Pain,

One in Love, One in Service and in Conciousness

– Michael Jackson

10 concerts at the O2 in London this July. Go to


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by Michael Jackson

As I was feeding squirrels in the park, I noticed a small one that didn’t seem to trust me. While the others came close enough to eat out of my hand, he kept his distance. I threw a peanut his way. He edged up, grabbed it nervously, and ran off. Next time he must have felt less afraid, because he came a little closer. The safer he felt, the more he trusted me. Finally he sat right at my feet, as bold as any squirrel clamoring for the next peanut.

Trust is like that — it always seems to come down to trusting in yourself. Others can’t overcome fear for you; you have to do it on your own. It’s hard, because fear and doubt hold on tight. We are afraid of being rejected, of being hurt once more. So we keep a safe distance. We think separating ourselves from others will protect us, but that doesn’t work, either. It leaves us feeling alone and unloved.

Trusting yourself begins by recognizing that it’s okay to be afraid. Having fear is not the problem, because everyone feels anxious and insecure sometimes. The problem is not being honest enough to admit your fear. Whenever I accept my own doubt and insecurity, I’m more open to other people. The deeper I go into myself, the stronger I become, because I realize that my real self is much bigger than any fear.

In accepting yourself completely, trust becomes complete. There is no longer any separation between people, because there is no longer any separation inside. In the space where fear used to live, love is allowed to grow.

These wise words were written by Michael Jackson, of all people, in his book Dancing the Dream. I think there is a lot of truth to this. It has been difficult for me to trust people, and part of it is not being able to accept my own insecurity and fears.

I want this

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I want this:

On the Jacksons

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I just finished reading J. Randy Tarraborrelli’s book Michael Jackson: The Magic and the Madness. The book is an interesting perspective especially to the earlier life of Michael Jackson and the Jacksons, the bits from 90ties onwards seem to be not so detailed and less based on first-hand accounts. The book paints a picture of the Jacksons as ultimately as naive and damaged individuals, who are at the same time good-natured and very family-oriented. This was confirmed by the documentary The Jacksons are coming, which detailed an ill-fated attempt to move the Jacksons to Devon in the UK this summer. A few of them ended up going there, but sadly, but predictably it ended pretty quickly. Michael and Janet did not obviously show up.

Watch the trailer of the Jacksons are coming and clips The Cash You Save, Baby Sister.

Michael Jackson 50

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Michael Jackson turns 50 today.

I have been a fan of Michael since early 90s, from the Dangerous album. I do not really know why I like his music, and to a certain extent his values as well. I guess I admire his ability to rise above his public persona and live his life in his own terms (as he has the means to do so). He has influenced popular music more than people sometimes give him credit, his sheer talent is obvious.

Watch: Michael being interviewed by telephone on Good Morning America.

Fall Out Boy – Beat It

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Fall Out Boy – Beat It

Fall Out Boy covers Michael Jackson’s Beat It.

Photos of Neverland

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Bumper Cars!

Originally uploaded by TunnelBug

Here is a flickr gallery of great photos made recently of Michael Jackson’s Neverland ranch in California. Will he move back there some day?


Thrillicious in NYC

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Pepsi engages in some creative advertising for its SoBe Life Water with the help of lizards and dancing to Thriller in various places across New York City.