Omg iPhone

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I got the iphone today and it is amazing. The price does not matter, the 24 month EMT contract does not matter, the phone is simply amazing. There is nothing close to this that exists, it truly is a do-everything device. I had quite high expectations, but it is unbelievable.

Enrique Iglesias in Tallinn

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So, I am at the Enrique Iglesias concert. There is a little less than 30 minutes to go. Everything looks nice: the crowd is really diverse and I had 4cl of Jägermeister to warm up.

Update after the event: The concert was awesome, the songs were all good, Enrique was very cool and the show was really something. I was genuinely impressed. Here are some clips I made with my phone:


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So I bought this new phone – and it is brilliant. It is small, light, powerful and yet so simple. Sure, it is no iPhone, but who knows when it will become available here. Anyway, I love my new Nokia 6120 classic – it has a gorgeous screen, 3G, and a really great internet browser. I am actually posting this from this lovely device.