Beautiful song

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This song is one of my favourites. I first heard it in the premiere of the second season of Lost. Since, I have ‘lost’ interest in Lost, but the song still makes me fawn. Here it is:

The song is called Make Your Own Kind Of Music by Mama Cass Elliot.

Guitar Hero

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I had lost interest in computer games for a while and was only paying limited attention to them. Sure, I played Civilization IV or SimCity 4 to kill time every few months, but I was not really excited by them. However, two days ago I bought an awesome game called Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock for the Mac. The package included a plastic guitar to control the game.

It is essentially match colours to music game, but it really at times feels like you are playing music. And the songs are these legendary rock songs (incl some newer songs like Ruby by Kaiser Chiefs, Knights of Cydonia by Muse). If this is where the gaming is going these days (I still have not bought the incredible Wii with its motion sensor tech), I like it and am prepared to spend a lot of time playing games again.

Rihanna in Tallinn

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The concert was OK, though it felt quite short to me, but she is still young. All the hits were there, so that was nice.

The crowd was mostly teenage girls, so I felt a little out of place. The sound was crap as usual at Saku Suurhall.

The Observer Music Monthly on Michael Jackson’s comeback

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This month’s Observer Music Monthly’s cover story is dedicated to speculation about Michael Jackson’s comeback. Whereas there is little new information and some tabloidish exaggeration, it seems more or less plausible. The writer concludes that:

Whatever his dissenters might say, he remains one of the greatest icons in pop history, a man touched with musical genius, who revels in the razzle dazzle of his self-created pageantry. If his life so far has been an unforgettable performance, the finale promises to be show-stopping. There is no one who could stage a comeback quite like Michael Jackson.


O-ba-ma, O-ba-ma

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Hillary vs Obama

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Compare this:

with this:

Credit to this Fark thread.

Songs with MJ samples

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Recently, there has been a number of MJ-related samples floating around. The most popular is, of course, Don’t Stop The Music by Rihanna, but there are also others:

I personally like D.A.N.C.E by Justice, which does not strictly use any MJ tunes, but it clearly a tribute to him:

I also like Kanye West’s A Good Life, which samples P.Y.T:’s Fantastic makes excellent use of I Want You Back riffs as well:

I think any and all of these songs are quite a bit better than the remixes attached to Thriller 25.

The best recent tribute to MJ has been in the form of an underground mixtape by Rhymefest, which includes genious mixes of MJ’s songs as well as humorous outtakes from interviews making it something that a recent MJ record has never been: light, funny and relaxed. Download Rhymefest’s Man In The Mirror MJ dedication album now. It’s free.

Eurolaul 2008

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So I saw the contestants for the Estonian final of the Eurovision Song Contest on TV today. I have to commend ETV for coming up with a decent stage design (the big LED screen is great).

1. Leto Svet – Kreisiraadio. I am a longtime fan of Kreisiraadio from their Kuku radio show, but I have no idea how they would work in an European stage. Nevertheless, it is a fun, decent song and in my opinion the best chance we have. So my recommendation is to vote for this song.
2. Real Big Money – SKA Factor. I have never heard of this band, but I really like the laid-back and more poppy style of some of the new Estonian songs. Unfortunately this is a bit too bland for my taste.
3. One on one – Rolf junior. This is a song that I was most proud of and positively surprised about as there has not been a gayer song on Estonian ESC. It’s okay to be gay! Shame that the song itself is not so good and that Rolf junior could not carry it.
4. Question Man – Taavi Peterson. A Bowie-esque song and performance. Nice try, but not suitable for Eurovision. Started to get boring at the end. But Taavi Peterson and Rein Rannap seem to be able to have a good working relationship. Still my favorite Rannap Eurovision song was Opera on Fire from ages ago, which I thought was robbed victory.
5. Üksinduses – Kristjan Kasearu & Paradise Crew. I am not sure if it is the prison military service, which has taken its toll on Kristjan Kasearu or is it the blandness of the song, but this did not impact me at all. I guess the rebellious rock thing sounds a bit tired now as well. An extra point for singing in Estonian though.
6. 365 Days – Birgit Õigemeel. I am no really into the Superstaar thing, so I do not know the appeal or capability of Birgit Õigemeel. The song was nothing special, a good pop vehicle for her I guess, but nothing special. This is not music, it is product, so I feel really indifferent towards the song.
7. It’s Never Too Late – Luisa Värk & Traffic. Nice pop ballad. I liked it but not enough. Imre Sooäär should continue with songwriting.
8. Stefani – Supernova. Not my cup of tea, similar to Latvian Brainstorm or Ruffus. I kind of like the vocal but the song seems to be missing something, it is a bit lifeless for even a light rock song.
9. Ice Cold Story – Iris Vesik. Iris seems really special and the people on the stage are interesting, but agains, the song is not really anything to write home about. Perhaps it is a grower, but in Eurovision it does not matter.
10. God Inside Your Soul – Luisa Värk & Margus Vaher. Although I did not like Margus Vaher especially in Kaks Takti Ette contest which he won, he does have a good voice. But this is just a prizewinning song and not anything special. Boring.

In general I am happy there was a variety in songs and fewer bland female artists and product-songs. I think Kreisiraadio should win, it would be an interesting choice. Let’s see what the public decides on Saturday.

Marilyn Manson in Tallinn

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The concert did not touch me especially deeply, although it was never boring. The crowd seemed to have enjoyed it very much. I guess one needs to be a fan to fully appreciate Marilyn Manson’s art, but I respect him and his fans nevertheless. The shocking just fails to shock me.

My taste in music is somewhat different, which has been demonstrated very nicely by the fact that when I came home and turned on ETV, Take That’s concert was on. And I am currently watching it.

I miss experiencing things that feel REAL to me, that touch me deeply, create emotions in me. Unfortunately Marilyn Manson was not it. It was very much what I was expecting it to be, which is OK, because at least I was not disappointed, but I was not pleasantly surprised, either.

Here is a video made from clips made by my friend Kat and me with my mobile at the concert:


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Michael Jackson 25th Anniversary Thriller Teaser Video

Michael Jackson’s YouTube profile has been updated to include these teasers for the new Thriller 25 compilation.