Obama talks about old politics, brushes off his shoulders

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This is brilliant. Instant YouTube hit.

See also these two clips featuring Jay-Z’s Dirt Off Your Shoulder.

Obama: Shame on you, Hillary

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Barack Obama in Steelton, PA

Obama does it again, turning attacks into counterattacks.

Why I like Obama

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I have been following the US elections perhaps even too closely. Why am I interested? Because of the way Barack Obama’s campaign is conducted and for the person who he is. His candidacy itselt shows that USA still has something to offer to the world, he finally bring the US back from the strange path it veered to during the Nixon-Reagan-Bush times. In the US, the political scene has been very right-wing compared to other democratic countries, where there is perhaps a more balanced approach. Obama offers a chance not only to change that, but to bring political discussion to a new level. This could have implications also to the way politics is conducted around the world.

Obama brings a new postmodern style into politics. The following in my mind are the most indicative of these:

It is not so much about the issues, it is the person that matters. Obama does not dwelve too much into the specifics of the issues: sure he has plans, but in today’s fast changing society, things can change. He is careful in what he promises: he makes a few concrete and achieveable promises (health care reform, Iraq) and is specifically non-commital on others as he understands that he cannot do everything for everyone at once. Instead, Obama focuses on who he is as a person and what are his values and also shows reason in adopting new views if these make sense.

No segmentation of voters based on polling. Polling is an integral part in politics today, but it has been allowed to drive some campaigns to the point of people being sick of it. You poll specific segments of the population (middle-age women, factory workers etc) and then analyse what you have to do and say to these segments. You buy their leaders with jobs, but nothing can be achieved because you have promised opposing things to opposing audiences. But this does not work anymore, because in long term people will no longer care what politicians say because they know nothing will be achieved. Obama’s approach is different: his message is essentially the same to everyone and he tells the hard truth also where it might not be politically convenient to do so.

Carefully managed media relations. Media is something that is hugely important to the success of any politician. Obama’s campaign has been very clever to use alternative methods, such as his YouTube channel to talk directly to the people. He has made reporters angry with his tightly controlled approach, but in today’s media space it must be a necessity, because any small soundbite might be taken out of context. He refuses to play the media’s simplistic game, he creates his own rules which the media has to accept.

The cool factor. Obama’s campaign is cool, there is no other way to say it. His cool, self-depreciating and easy-going approach is something really rare in politics today. His views are not the same old tired ideological views, but an uplifting and positive approach to motivate all people to get involved in politics.

Talk to the people as their are your equals. It seems to me sometimes that Obama is a politician who talks to people as they were actually adults, rather than the constant “salesman” techniques politicians usually employ. He not only seems honest, he has the extraordinary ability to convey complex policies in an understandable manner without making things too black and white. His “scandals” such as his pastor’s remarks seem to make him stronger as they give him reason to go into more details of the issue and deliver stunning, inspiring and honest arguments that make people think and might change people’s opinions or attitudes. They allow people to engage in a real and meaningful debate instead of spouting talking points at each other (something that has been missing a lot in US politics and which is starting to disappear also in Estonia).

Whether he wins or loses, his campaign has already had an enormous impact on the world. I am genuinely interested in what will happen if he actually gets elected (I can pretty much predict what will happen if McCain or Hillary get there). I guess it is up to the voters in US to decide, whether we will see that or not.

Obama Girl’s Message to Hillary: Stop.

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O-ba-ma, O-ba-ma

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