Photos of Tallinn city port area

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Photos of Tallinn, originally uploaded by Kari Käsper.

I got a new camera, so I made some test shots around the Tallinn city port area.

Snowy Tallinn

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Originally uploaded by Kari Käsper

This morning Tallinn was different: my short 7 minute walk to work was longer than expected, but it was a beautiful walk. Everything was so peaceful, so quiet and muffled. The traffic was moving slowly and graciously.

It felt like some other place. Not the busy, hectic Tallinn I know.

And snow is everywhere and there is more of it than has ever been this winter. And I like it. I made some photos from my office, they are on my flickr account.

Photos of Neverland

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Bumper Cars!

Originally uploaded by TunnelBug

Here is a flickr gallery of great photos made recently of Michael Jackson’s Neverland ranch in California. Will he move back there some day?


Oscar Niemeyer 100

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I do not know much about architecture, but one man’s work seems to be especially relevant. That man is Oscar Niemeyer and he turns 100 years old today. Have a look at those beautifully crafted buildings.

I have only seen his creations from photos and videos, but if I ever manage to visit Brazil I will try to find time to see some of his creations.

The winning entry

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Kakerdaja raba
Originally uploaded by Kari Käsper

I won a photo contest organised by our university health club. We went to the Kakerdaja bog and took photos. And this one, mine, was voted the best.

Planting is all the rage

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On Sunday I went to plant some trees in Raplamaa. It was cool, even for a city-slicker (snigger) like me. I suggest everyone do the same.

And at the same time, TEN planted flowers and cleaned up a park in Tallinn.