Spore’s boring

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It seems that Spore, the long-awaited computer game from the creator of The Sims and SimCity, is simply rather boring and repetitive. I do not get the stage based approach, plus the space age is incredibly mindnumbing. Plus, it has extreme DRM. And it seems to hog resources like crazy for a game that is not so deep.

The only upside is that it also works with a Mac. It is an example of how a great idea gets executed poorly.

Are there any good computer games out there any more (besides Guitar Hero)?

South Park does Guitar Hero

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This episode of South Park episode on Guitar Hero is pretty funny.

Guitar Hero

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I had lost interest in computer games for a while and was only paying limited attention to them. Sure, I played Civilization IV or SimCity 4 to kill time every few months, but I was not really excited by them. However, two days ago I bought an awesome game called Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock for the Mac. The package included a plastic guitar to control the game.

It is essentially match colours to music game, but it really at times feels like you are playing music. And the songs are these legendary rock songs (incl some newer songs like Ruby by Kaiser Chiefs, Knights of Cydonia by Muse). If this is where the gaming is going these days (I still have not bought the incredible Wii with its motion sensor tech), I like it and am prepared to spend a lot of time playing games again.