Drink tea, it is healthy

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Apparently, drinking tea is healthier than drinking water. Unknowningly, I have led a rather healthy life in that respect, since I consume tea more than any other beverage. According to this article by BBC News UK nutritionists found already in 2006 that “[t]ea not only rehydrates as well as water does, but it can also protect against heart disease and some cancers.” This news has for some reason been picked up today in ‘the blogosphere’.

Humans are literally fish out of water

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Read this eye-opening article about the root causes of some of the health problems humans experience. “What are the leading causes of death in humans? Four of the top ten causes—heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and stroke—have some sort of genetic basis and, likely, a historical one. Much of the difficulty is almost certainly due to our having a body built for an active animal but the lifestyle of a spud.”

Everyone should read this. You will learn. I did.

My Body Mass Index

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I have calculated my body mass index and found out that my BMI is 25kg/m2. The good news is: “The people who lived the longest of all were those with BMIs of 25, which lies between the ideal and overweight margins.”