Good news

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A big 2L bottle of Dr Pepper is now available at Kaubamaja’s Toidumaailm. Yay!

I am happy because I no longer have to carry 4 0,33l cans from the shop, I can buy the big 2L bottle.

It is the little things in life that make us most happy!

I hate shopping…

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… but I from time to time I need new clothes and things. Currently, I need new shoes, which would keep my feet warm during the winter but with which I could also be indoors. There were just too many choices at Kaubamaja, so I could not make up my mind. I found shoes, which I really liked there by JustCavalli, but these were expensive and probably would be destroyed instantly when worn outside. I guess I need to return some day and talk with the shop assistants.

I am also crazy for all kinds of gadgets, but the sensible person in me also says that it is practical to use those things I already have. I have been thinking about a new iPod Touch or a better photo or video camera, but I already have things that are good enough. So I will not buy them.

I recently passed by a small new shopping centre, which opened at the Rotermanni quarter near my flat. I might check it out some day, but the brands in there seem to be quite boring: how many designer jeans shops you need to have? Who wears jeans any more anyway?

I would love if they opened an H&M (with their delicious new Roberto Cavalli line, which seem to have sold out entirely) or a WE store, which is my personal favourite. Because now, when I need clothes, I still have to either be satisfied with Kaubamaja’s s.oliver, Mexx and French Connection selection, which is not all that interesting or fly to Berlin or Paris for my shopping, which is not very convenient either. And this applies not only to clothes, but mostly everything, especially furniture (where transporting it from abroad is not really an option for me).

Living in Estonia is great, but the availability of consumer goods is dismal.