This blog is written by Kari Käsper. It reflects my personal opinions that are not attributable to any institution or organisation that I work for.

Some words about me

  • I co-founded the Estonian Human Rights Centre and manage its activities as Executive Director (on leave from summer 2015 until summer 2016). I also lead the team of the campaign erinevus rikastab, which aimed to increase levels of tolerance in Estonia and under which the Estonian Diversity Charter was established.
  • I am studying for a PhD at the Ragnar Nurkse School at Tallinn University of Technology. My research interests involve around the impact of technological development to human rights and democracy; my PhD supervisor is professor Wolfgang Drechsler.
  • I have been involved with Tallinn Law School at Tallinn University of Technology (formerly the Law School of International University Audentes, International University Concordia Audentes, Concordia International University Estonia) since the year 2000, first as a student, later as teaching assistant, part of the administrative team and now as a lecturer of European Union and human rights law. This means that I have gained considerable experience in educational administration as well as legal research and teaching, although currently my work at the university involves teaching and research activities.
  • In the past I co-founded and later helped to run the youth organisation Tegusad Eesti Noored 2001 – 2008. I have now retired, but still follow its activities with great enthusiasm.
  • I was involved with the European Youth Parliament from 1999 – 2008, first participating as a delegate, later as national coordinator. I was the head organiser of the 44th International Session of the EYP in Tallinn in 2003.

Here is my bio in the Estonian Research Portal ETIS.

Here is my CV in Europass format.

Some words about this blog

This blog is mainly written for myself, as a personal diary. I do not mind you reading it and commenting my posts. However, please do not think that by reading this blog you get to know me. If you really want to get to know me, contact me ( directly. I am always happy to make new friends from all over the world.

Although I am Estonian, and I live in Estonia, I choose to blog in English. This is for several reasons: it is sometimes easier for me to express myself in English; almost all of my friends who might wonder on to this page can speak English (I have a number of friends who cannot speak Estonian); and it helps to improve my English writing skills.

You are free to use any material on the site within reason, provided that proper attribution is provided. Any commercial use must be excplicitly agreed to by me in written form.