Too much cycling

Posted: April 28th, 2008 | Author: | Filed under: bicycle, cool | No Comments »

Last week I had two bigger bicycle trips around Tallinn. The weather here has been fantastic, so it has been a lot of fun going around town. The first trip was on Thursday, I cycled from my parents home in Kakumäe to Tondi where I work, and then to Kristiine to a friend’s place and then on to a tour in Kopli (including Stroomi beach. Afterwards I cycled back to the city to my apartment in the City Centre.

The next trip on Saturday took me to Pirita and beyond to Mähe, then to the edge of Lasnamäe and downhill from there, at which point I discovered that the back tire of my bicycle had been punctured and I could no go further. Thankfully, my brother helped to transport the bike back. I bought a new tire, but have not still had the opportunity to change it as it seems I caught a little cold as well. So now I am slightly medicated and silently suffering until I get better.