Hillary vs Obama

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Compare this:

with this:

Credit to this Fark thread.

A Message from Michael Jackson

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Via Associated Press / SonyBMG / YouTube. It is the same video greeting he sent to NRJ awards in France.

Grammy awards 2008

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This year’s Grammy awards

Thriller 25 is going to be a big thing at the Grammys. Will there be a performance by the King of Pop? I will be watching the awards live (This Sunday night at 3am Estonian time Pro 7).

Update 11 Feb 08: No MJ, no Thriller 25 at the Grammys. A missed opportunity, I wonder what happened.

Thriller on the tube

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Thriller dance on the tube

Hilarious video.

Happy 2008

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Happy 2008

Wishing a great year for all!

Christmas greeting video

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Here is a seasonal greeting from me to everyone.

Marilyn Manson in Tallinn

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The concert did not touch me especially deeply, although it was never boring. The crowd seemed to have enjoyed it very much. I guess one needs to be a fan to fully appreciate Marilyn Manson’s art, but I respect him and his fans nevertheless. The shocking just fails to shock me.

My taste in music is somewhat different, which has been demonstrated very nicely by the fact that when I came home and turned on ETV, Take That’s concert was on. And I am currently watching it.

I miss experiencing things that feel REAL to me, that touch me deeply, create emotions in me. Unfortunately Marilyn Manson was not it. It was very much what I was expecting it to be, which is OK, because at least I was not disappointed, but I was not pleasantly surprised, either.

Here is a video made from clips made by my friend Kat and me with my mobile at the concert:


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Michael Jackson 25th Anniversary Thriller Teaser Video

Michael Jackson’s YouTube profile has been updated to include these teasers for the new Thriller 25 compilation.

Enrique Iglesias in Tallinn

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So, I am at the Enrique Iglesias concert. There is a little less than 30 minutes to go. Everything looks nice: the crowd is really diverse and I had 4cl of Jägermeister to warm up.

Update after the event: The concert was awesome, the songs were all good, Enrique was very cool and the show was really something. I was genuinely impressed. Here are some clips I made with my phone: